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Uncommon Experience with Escorts in Mumbai

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on August 13, 2022

Uncommon Experience with Escorts in Mumbai

Tying up and tease Mumbai Escorts is a common pastime before or after having sex with them. One participant is restrained in one position (for example, on a bed or in a chair) while the other participant teases them for as long as they can stand it. There are several ways to tease that can be tried to get the most pleasure out of the sessions, which can last anywhere from five minutes to a few hours. Many people use it as a way to broaden their sexual horizons and discover new sexual experiences.

As with other fetishes, deciding on a “safe word” before engaging in tie and tease behavior is highly recommended. This is also true. If the session is not going as planned, it is critical to discuss what you would like to change or what would make you feel better. You can use whatever ties you have lying around, but some people Mumbai Escort Service girls find that using handcuffs or under-the-bed restraints adds a more realistic element to the session.

Preparing Your Partner for Tie and Tease

As ties, you can use whatever you have on hand. If the restraints do not provide you with the necessary level of comfort, your partner should make the necessary adjustments for you. Relax and enjoy yourself during this time. One can make fun of another person in a variety of ways. Your partner may want to slowly undress in front of you as you struggle to break free from your bonds, or they may want to rub oils all over your body except the one spot you desperately need them to touch. You may find it difficult to touch them in either case.

It’s important to remember that teasing can go on indefinitely if you want it to, and there’s no requirement that it result in something positive. Sometimes the escort is just testing you to see how far they can go without actually taking you anywhere. They do this to push themselves to their limits.


You can personalize your tie-and-tease experience by communicating your preferences to the escort of your choice.